Miley's Sponsorship Page

Miley was born approximately 11/18/2009.  She is a Very Beautiful Orange Spotted Tabby with White Chest and White Toes.

Miley was abandoned by her former family who very obviously did not take good care of her, as she has had to have her right eye removed due to a benign lesion.  She is now quite healthy and really likes running throughout the house.  Miley is very playful, and although she is not fond of other cats we believe she would be fine with a cat friendly dog. 

Miley needs a "calm" home because chaos and stress will make her sick.  

Miley is finally learning how to feel "safe" and "loved" in her foster home.  She needs a fur-ever family to love her for the rest of her life.  Please help Miley find her fur-ever home!!!

Miley's Sponsorship Options

One Time Sponsorship
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Sponsorship Types
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Sponsoring is a way to directly provide for the care of an animal while they are with us and awaiting adoption.

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