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Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor 2013-2014
 New donation opportunity with Kuranda Pet Beds.  Please visit our donation info page for information on this and other opportunities to donate to Paws!  



PAWS is a 501-3c animal charity located in Alvin, Texas and is made up of a group of concerned volunteers that have been rescuing animals together since 1999. The animals that we take into our program are those that have become too inconvenient for their owners to take care of, have been dumped on the road or left to die in a kill shelter.

PAWS is an all volunteer rescue that depends on your generous donations to survive. All donations go directly to the care of the animals.





PAWS ANIMAL RESCUE, Inc. is a 501-C3 Non-Profit ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Our mission is to save both dogs and cats in high kill and kill only shelters. It is also to educate the public on the importance of having their cats and dogs SPAYED OR NEUTERED. We also help individuals who have found stray animals adopt them out to loving homes.






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"The Animals' Savior"
Jim Willis 

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry.
"God" I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment, and then he spoke softly.
"I have done something"
He replied. "I created You."

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